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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program

Our PRP is a unique program that offers an approach to empower and encourage individuals at every phase of their rehabilitation.


We assist youth, adults and their families to identify and utilize their natural strengths, skills, and talents. The goal is to get individuals stabilized to live and work successfully in the community and enjoy active, healthy lives.

PRP is a very close relative to what is known in the human service industry as “Wraparound Support Services”.


Our staff works directly with each individual in a safe environment where he or she is most comfortable. We assist individuals with removing barriers and helping them obtain a vigorous and functional lifestyle. 

Harvest Of Hope PRP Staff

Here at HOH, we have well-rounded therapeutic psychiatric rehabilitation staff, clinicians, administrative, medical staff and social workers.


Our PRP support workers go above and beyond to help our participants reach their goals. Our role is to offer support during the process of psycho-therapeutic treatment.


Our rehabilitation services enlighten youth and adults on whom they currently are, who they would like to become and what their strengths and needs are in an effort to help resolve or decrease psychiatric symptoms.

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Phone: (443) 334-5732 Extension #1104 

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